bengeo football

Help Fund The Bengeo Club’s  new football team, ‘The Bengeo Blinders’. Money will go towards, Kits, Training Equipment and enable us to use the best facilities possible.

In April 2018 a group of football loving friends who have been out of the game for a while decided they wanted to get back out onto that pitch again in the form of a brand new Sunday League team.

With many teams already having a near-full squad, the only way we could all play together was by creating a brand new team ourselves.  With connection to The Bengeo Club we asked if they thought it would be a good idea. They agreed as long as we could prove we have enough players interested in joining.

One week later and with 20+ players wanting to play for us we can safely say that lots of people want this team to be created.

Therefore with an initial goal of £300 set, it would mean the world to us if it was reached. Bringing us one step closer to getting back out onto the pitch we all know and love and playing the beautiful game that is, Football.


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